Skills Classes

Basketball Basics 

Building the foundation for a complete game. Learn how to think and play the game. Patient class structure. Beginner skill level class.

Moving Fluid

Players will focus on ball handling and the footwork needed to move efficiently. This class also focuses on offensive moves off the dribble and playing with pace and rhythm. Intermediate to Advanced Skill level class.

Fluid Motion Shooting

This class builds on shooting form techniques, the proper footwork and touch. As it progresses, players will focus on increasing range and shooting efficiently off the dribble from all areas of the floor.


A complete workout tailor-made for the player’s current skill set and abilities:

  • Focused repetitions with the details explained simply
  • Specialized emphasis on different aspects of the game
    • (footwork, offensive moves, shooting, overall basketball understanding)
    • Conditioning, recovery and learning depending on the need of the player
Small Group


3-6 people per group



2-3 people per group



Private, single-person sessions.

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